Civil Engineering Services

Engineers play a key role on teams that develop the solutions needed to address private development challenges as well as public infrastructure needs.

At HSI, we understand that planning our work effort is as important as the detailed design work that follows. We start every project with a careful evaluation of project goals and schedule requirements, as well as identification of information and critical elements that will be needed. Building on this planning effort, we develop quality solutions that best meet the project goals.

HSI performs a wide range of engineering services from initial consultation and concept planning through final design, permitting and construction administration.

Civil Engineering Services

  • Land Development Planning and Design
  • Municipal Infrastructure Engineering
  • Stormwater Management & Drainage Design
  • Erosion Control Services
  • Sustainability & Low Impact Development
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems
  • Park and Recreation Facilities
  • Highways
  • Local Roads and Streets
  • Permitting
  • Peer Review Services
  • Utility Services & Coordination
  • Project Administration
Civil Engineering Services

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Professional Civil Engineers

HSI provides our clients with a team of qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable civil engineers. With HSI, the integrity and quality of our work defines who we are. We are committed to working with you to maintain your schedule and deliver high quality services. Contact us today for more information on how we can best work with you on making your project a success.